Hot Tub Repairs, Servicing and Supplies


Hot tub and swim spa repairs in Hampshire. If your hot tub has a fault our engineer will carry out a diagnostic and repair.  Your hot tub will be up and running as quick as possible. Once the engineer assesses the fault, they will discuss with you how it can be resolved. We carry a supply of new replacement spa parts to avoid a repeat visit.

  • Water Leak
  • Water not Heating
  • Pumps Stopped Working
  • Electrics Tripping
  • Under Water Light Stopped Working
  • Low Flow
  • Sensor Problem
  • Water Management

Our engineers are fully trained with years of experience in diagnosing and repairing hot tubs and swim spas and dedicated to having your hot tub repaired and working in as short a time as possible.


About our Spa Service

An annual spa service is highly recommended to ensure safety and functionality. All plumbing and components are thoroughly inspected and any problems highlighted along with a professional clean and refill.

Most Hot Tub manufacturers recommend a drain and refill 3 or 4 times each year. Following these guidelines, help avoid unsanitary water conditions, skin problems, equipment deterioration, potential voiding of warranty.

We also offer bespoke servicing or one-off.

No matter what the season your hot tub should be prepared.

Our service level is second to none in the hot tub industry, with many years of experience in hot tub servicing.

Servicing Terms and Conditions

Customer to provide access to a 240v mains supply within 10m of the spa for the connection of power tools. Customer to provide hose and water supply & access to a drain point for disposing of water. Customer must ensure spa has adequate access to all sides before initial inspection & spa must be filled and running.

Replacement parts not covered by warranty will be charged to the customer. Payment must be cleared and customer’s permission obtained before parts are installed.

*Some things may not be possible to test on certain spas.


Spa Servicing Prices

For spas within 30 miles

1 Pump Spa = £190

2 Pump Spa = £205

3 Pump Spa = £220

What The Spa Service Includes

Wet Running Inspection (where applicable)

  • Remove spa doors and turn on all equipment.
  • Pump and heater unions checked for leaks and tightened.
  • All JJ plugs and copper ground cables connected to the motherboard
  • Venturi, diverter and neck jet valves all operate
  • All hose and PVC connections checked
  • All jet bodies and suction housing inspected for leaks
  • Check Peak/AO or Onzen generator is working properly. Check warranty status if they require changing.
  • Ensure all Jubilee clips (gear clamps) are tightened
  • All equipment running for 1 x 20-minute cycle
  • Topside is displaying the current temperature
  • Pump 1 high and low speed functional
  • Pump 2 on/off functional
  • Pump 3 on/off functional
  • Blower on/off functional
  • Super Jet functional
  • Lights on/off
  • Northern lights/ Peyote lights functional (including all sequences)
  • Partial and full lock functional
  • Fahrenheit to Celsius functional
  • TA jets start with filtration cycle
  • All TA jets functional
  • TA jets checked for leaks
  • All equipment running
  • Diverters Distribute water equally
  • Diverters don’t leak at o-rings
  • All jets venturi when valve open
  • No jets venturi when valve closed
  • Light housing nuts checked for leaks
  • Arctic Ozone working and air moving through 3/8” line
  • Peak generator, circ. Pump working and flow from poly jet
  • MP3 / Wet tunes operate correctly (customer has to supply MP or IPod for testing).
  • Spa-powered down and all fittings checked for leaks (wet stop test)


  • Spa pipework to be chemically flushed + spa emptied
  • Cover to be cleaned – top + bottom
  • Water to be vacuumed from pipework (as much as possible)
  • All doors aligned
  • The spa will be left empty & clean ready for refilling by the customer.