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SpaBoy Salt Cell Replacement Cartridge Grey 5 Plate


Replacement Salt Cell Cartridge for Spa Boy. This cell is replaced about once per year and is easy to change for most users. Electrode(Grey) The new 5 Plate Onzen Electrode has two additional plates beyond the 3 plate original. Can be used with Hot Tubs with the Spa Boy Salt Water System installed with Arctic Spa Brand.
Replacement electrode for the chlorine generating device. SpaBoy Salt Water Spa Chlorinator. This cell must only be used on this model of chlorine generating device.
Do not use this device with Bromide product.

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SpaBoy Salt Cell Replacement Cartridge Grey 5 Plate. Replacement SpaBoy Salt Cell Cartridge. 5 Plate Electrode(Grey).
Replacement cartridge for your systems. For use on 2012 systems and later. Spa Boy Only.


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